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http://painting-all-day-everyday.tumblr.com New graffiti blog but could be a must see!

http://infest-ctgm.tumblr.com Infest CTGM crew , Bad Style , Black and white photography 

http://gera9.tumblr.com GERA9 blog , bad writa

http://sliks.tumblr.com/ask  SLIKS blog , Brasilian writa

http://graff14.tumblr.com/ girls don’t like graffiti?

http://sweetvillain.tumblr.com sex graffs & rap’n roll

http://rostblock.tumblr.com Graffiti , typo , mad world

http://sludgelife.tumblr.com/  largely graffiti and art in general

http://yehfiftyinthebank.tumblr.com/ cool graffiti  blog

http://bomblr.tumblr.com street art and bombing in Japan

http://debarrage.tumblr.com/ graffiti & typo

http://coolhandstyles.tumblr.com/ blank page

http://crewcrooks.tumblr.com/ Graffiti french touch

http://saotou.tumblr.com graffiti by saotou ctgm

http://game-and-playerz.tumblr.com/ graffiti on train

http://onpersisteetsigne.tumblr.com/ graffiti french touch

http://thepeopleandplaces.tumblr.com/ graffiti

http://subsociety.tumblr.com/ graffiti tag sticker


http://streetartsucks.tumblr.com/ graffiti (no upload since marck 2K11)

http://deletism.tumblr.com Making Street Art and Graffiti

http://poisondarts—brokenhearts.tumblr.com/ graffiti

http://parisestmagique.tumblr.com/ graffiti tag french touch

http://neesba.tumblr.com/ graffiti walls and trains

http://biteit.tumblr.com graffiti

http://deztroy.tumblr.com/  Nothing to see here.

http://bizarredee.tumblr.com/ dee bizarre graffiti

http://fuckhead.tumblr.com/ graffiti , party and bullshit


http://precisionparisienne.tumblr.com/ Pictures of graffiti in Paris (mainly) All originals

http://rorschachsdiary.tumblr.com/ All photos are rorschach self taken, unless stated otherwise

http://koolure.tumblr.com/ graffiti video and cool stuff

http://tercrew.tumblr.com/ graffiti by ter crew

http://graffquotes.tumblr.com/ graffiti sentences

http://parisf.tumblr.com/ graffiti french and us mostly

http://regretterien18th.tumblr.com/ graffiti french touch

http://anotherlifewasted.tumblr.com/ graffitiBlog made in an attempt to fill some kind of void in my life.

http://mindfullofhatred.tumblr.com/ graffiti

http://verydope.tumblr.com/ graffiti french touch

http://soisruselaruecestrasoir.tumblr.com/ graffiti french touch

http://ogreoner.tumblr.com/ ogre graffiti blog

http://triplesixkids.tumblr.com/ graffiti ,rail fans, writers, train watchers, etc.

http://thebenjamins-thebenjamins.tumblr.com/ graffiti , street , skate , tattoo..

http://supetheteammanager.tumblr.com/ graffiti world of supe


http://2shywashere.tumblr.com graffiti by 2shy

http://scratchies.tumblr.com   str8 NYC GRAFFITI only. no bullshit

http://stopsrust.tumblr.com all about rust-oleum

http://sobekcis.tumblr.com graffiti by the sobeckis

http://torontoblockwork.tumblr.com graffiti and tag and other shit in toronto

http://colouredwalls.tumblr.com Graffiti kept us together.
Photography kept the memories alive.




http://tatunga.tumblr.com not a graffiti blog but nice works. Hola, I’m tati. I paint critters & curvas. Here I post things I think are cool and stuff. hhhehe

http://askewone.tumblr.com graffiti by askew. Askew One is a multi-disciplinary artist mostly renowned for his graffiti art paintings

http://nycgraffiti.tumblr.com Strictly NYC graff


http://yeleyeless.tumblr.com graffiti . We All Started, Newbies


http://ariarr.tumblr.com graffiti , street art and cool stuff

http://david-radon.tumblr.com graffiti self takers

http://stefanone.tumblr.com graffiti self takers. °S.One - Wonderful Years°

http://paw1.tumblr.com graffiti by paw

http://nachtgold.tumblr.com graffiti on freight

http://swetone.tumblr.com graffiti by swet

http://3lozter.tumblr.com not graffiti but..


http://ctgm.tumblr.com graffiti by ctgm crew (nice pics)

http://berst1.tumblr.com graffiti by berst gbak


http://hellabay.tumblr.com graff , stick ,tag , i hella ♥ the east bay. all of the photos were taken, by me, of art and graffiti around the 510.


http://lepotedupotede.tumblr.com graffiti ignorant touch

http://3dgraffiti.tumblr.com graffiti

http://fouinh.tumblr.com graffiti by fouin

http://spraytrains.tumblr.com graffiti on trains


http://incognitomagazine.se graff , tags , trains

http://ghetto-fullmoon.tumblr.com graffiti ignorant style

http://caltraingraf.tumblr.com graffiti

http://seeingindouble.tumblr.com graffiti self taker

http://hookandloop.tumblr.com good graff pics

http://flauntones.tumblr.com graffiti

http://wordsfromdaak.tumblr.com graffiti and cool stuff

http://wufcsdk.tumblr.com/ graffiti by wufc/sdk

http://rebism.tumblr.com/ graffiti


http://big-league-team.tumblr.com graffiti

http://vandalchicks.tumblr.com/ ▲Graffiti, Photography, Design, Wearing, Fixies, Sex, Drugs, Girls, Street.❤

http://realtalkgraffiti.tumblr.com/ Just trying to share different styles of hip hop with the world. Music, art, videos, and everything in between.

http://bombtilldeath.tumblr.com/ Writing graffiti is about the most honest way you can be an artist.

http://d0pegraffiti.tumblr.com/ This blog is dedicated to all the graffiti lovers out there

http://usgraffixz.tumblr.com graffiti and tag

http://fuckthebuff.tumblr.com No words
just flicks

http://chasingninja.tumblr.com hiphop, graffiti, music, tattoos, photography, drawing.

http://thebestgraffiti.tumblr.com/ graff


http://goldspaceships.tumblr.com/ My name is Mr.Switch. This is my art crap doodle blog. I post sketches, stickers, paintings, graffiti, and sometimes random drunk rants.

http://dfucka.tumblr.com graffiti

http://dentalpc.tumblr.com graffiti and cool stuff

http://ojaeblog.com very good graffiti photoblog

http://randalthevandal.tumblr.com graffiti DISCLAIMER: EVERYTHING I POST IS STOLEN.

http://stefanone.tumblr.com graffiti pics (part of self taken)

http://www.eoler.net/ LIFE STORIES & GRAFFITI TRIPS

http://remio.tumblr.com/ graffiti world of remio

http://elakbar.tumblr.com/ graffiti by el akbar

http://pollutedwisdom.tumblr.com/   nothing but a girl


http://graffchumps.tumblr.com/ graffiti is for chumps

http://yurize.tumblr.com/ graffiti and city flavor

http://justakidgrowingup.tumblr.com/ graffiti and street art

http://playpenofmayhem.tumblr.com graffiti and fashion stuff

http://bombthesystem.tumblr.com/ graffiti and other shit

http://nothingbutgraffiti.tumblr.com/ graff


http://rubin415.tumblr.com/ Daily NYC snapshots • www.rubin415.com  

http://retro23.tumblr.com/ All artwork on this blog are made by retro23

http://iceyice.tumblr.com/  no more graffit

http://banksystreetart.tumblr.com/ Following Banksy in his footsteps

http://streetartsucks.tumblr.com/ The name say it Graffiti only!

http://reyk.tumblr.com/ Magic moments & analogue shots for retelling the past and rescuing the future

http://crampinator.tumblr.com/ Bombs and boobs

http://stuckfacekillah.tumblr.com/ Melbourne artistic vandalisme

http://lightpaint.tumblr.com/ (not graffiti) A tumblog dedicated to long exposure photography

http://dhos.tumblr.com/  No more graffiti

http://datachump.tumblr.com/ Color full wallz

http://elphezo.tumblr.com  Graffiti and other random bad-assery


http://ghettostyle.tumblr.com/ Graffiti

http://allchrome.tumblr.com Graffiti of KEMS and others cool shit

http://thinknothoughts.tumblr.com No more a graffiti blog but good pics



http://-dayindayout-.tumblr.com/ Stolen and personal flics mostly graffiti

http://calluskrooks.tumblr.com Graffiti , weed , gyal and cool stuff

http://snitchcapture.tumblr.com World wide graffiti , every style