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Hall of fame New graffiti blog but could be a must see! Infest CTGM crew , Bad Style , Black and white photography GERA9 blog , bad writa  SLIKS blog , Brasilian writa girls don’t like graffiti? sex graffs & rap’n roll Graffiti , typo , mad world  largely graffiti and art in general cool graffiti  blog street art and bombing in Japan graffiti & typo blank page Graffiti french touch graffiti by saotou ctgm graffiti on train graffiti french touch graffiti graffiti tag sticker graffiti (no upload since marck 2K11) Making Street Art and Graffiti

http://poisondarts— graffiti graffiti tag french touch graffiti walls and trains graffiti  Nothing to see here. dee bizarre graffiti graffiti , party and bullshit Pictures of graffiti in Paris (mainly) All originals All photos are rorschach self taken, unless stated otherwise graffiti video and cool stuff graffiti by ter crew graffiti sentences graffiti french and us mostly graffiti french touch graffitiBlog made in an attempt to fill some kind of void in my life. graffiti graffiti french touch graffiti french touch ogre graffiti blog graffiti ,rail fans, writers, train watchers, etc. graffiti , street , skate , tattoo.. graffiti world of supe graffiti by 2shy   str8 NYC GRAFFITI only. no bullshit all about rust-oleum graffiti by the sobeckis graffiti and tag and other shit in toronto Graffiti kept us together.
Photography kept the memories alive. not a graffiti blog but nice works. Hola, I’m tati. I paint critters & curvas. Here I post things I think are cool and stuff. hhhehe graffiti by askew. Askew One is a multi-disciplinary artist mostly renowned for his graffiti art paintings Strictly NYC graff graffiti . We All Started, Newbies graffiti , street art and cool stuff graffiti self takers graffiti self takers. °S.One - Wonderful Years° graffiti by paw graffiti on freight graffiti by swet not graffiti but.. graffiti by ctgm crew (nice pics) graffiti by berst gbak graff , stick ,tag , i hella ♥ the east bay. all of the photos were taken, by me, of art and graffiti around the 510. graffiti ignorant touch graffiti graffiti by fouin graffiti on trains graff , tags , trains graffiti ignorant style graffiti graffiti self taker good graff pics graffiti graffiti and cool stuff graffiti by wufc/sdk graffiti graffiti ▲Graffiti, Photography, Design, Wearing, Fixies, Sex, Drugs, Girls, Street.❤ Just trying to share different styles of hip hop with the world. Music, art, videos, and everything in between. Writing graffiti is about the most honest way you can be an artist. This blog is dedicated to all the graffiti lovers out there graffiti and tag No words
just flicks hiphop, graffiti, music, tattoos, photography, drawing. graff My name is Mr.Switch. This is my art crap doodle blog. I post sketches, stickers, paintings, graffiti, and sometimes random drunk rants. graffiti graffiti and cool stuff very good graffiti photoblog graffiti DISCLAIMER: EVERYTHING I POST IS STOLEN. graffiti pics (part of self taken) LIFE STORIES & GRAFFITI TRIPS graffiti world of remio graffiti by el akbar   nothing but a girl graffiti is for chumps graffiti and city flavor graffiti and street art graffiti and fashion stuff graffiti and other shit graff Daily NYC snapshots • All artwork on this blog are made by retro23  no more graffit Following Banksy in his footsteps The name say it Graffiti only! Magic moments & analogue shots for retelling the past and rescuing the future Bombs and boobs Melbourne artistic vandalisme (not graffiti) A tumblog dedicated to long exposure photography  No more graffiti Color full wallz  Graffiti and other random bad-assery Graffiti Graffiti of KEMS and others cool shit No more a graffiti blog but good pics Stolen and personal flics mostly graffiti Graffiti , weed , gyal and cool stuff World wide graffiti , every style